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Schedule of Events/Classes

Event Name Subtitle Event Session(s) Event Color
Jewish Medical Ethics Rabbi Alan Iser #DC143C
Jewish Philosophy & Human Rights Rothberg #DC143C
Kabbalah Rothberg #DC143C
Milah Ulpan - Bet Plus purple
Practical Halakha Silverstein green
Practical Halakha – Yom Tov Zacharow green
Rambam Rothberg #DC143C
Chumash Rothberg teal
Clinical Pastoral Program Abrams #2E0854
Fathers of Social Protests: Four Prophets of the 8th Century Hollander-Goldfarb teal
Halakha - Eretz Yisrael & Aveilut - Meets at Schocken Roth green
Halakha - Kashrut Roth green
Megilot & the Cycle of the Jewish Calendar Hoffman teal
Milah Ulpan - Bet purple
Milah Ulpan - Gimel purple
Milah Ulpan - Mekorot purple
Talmud Kulp #CFB53B
Talmud IV Kulp #CFB53B
Artistry of Aggadah Kurshan Fall #CFB53B
Bekiut Mishnah Kulp Fall #CFB53B
Bible - Elijah & Elisha Hollander-Goldfarb Fall teal
Conceiving the Whole - An Exploration of Classic Jewish Theology Rothberg Fall #DC143C
Contemporary Halakhic Issues Silverstein Fall green
Gender & Judaism Cohen Fall #DC143C
Golden Calf & Anger of God Rothberg Fall teal
Guided Independent Learning Levy Fall #CFB53B
Intro to Talmud Silverstein Fall #CFB53B
Introduction to Midrash Silverstein Fall teal
Israeli Civilization Fall #BDA0CB
Parashat HaShavua Silverstein Fall teal
Practical Halakha - Advanced - Aveilut Zacharow Fall green
Sha’are Orah: Fundamentals of Kabbalistic Symbolism Rothberg Fall #DC143C
Talmud I Levy Fall #CFB53B
Talmud I - Practical Rabbinics Silverstein Fall #CFB53B
Talmud II Cohen Fall #CFB53B
Talmud II - Greatest Hits of the Bavli Kurshan Fall #CFB53B
Talmud III Kulp Fall #CFB53B
Tefilah Levy Fall orange
Breakfast Dvar Yomi at 8:55 FallSpring #ADD8E6
Breakfast FallSpring #ADD8E6
Chumash Stern Rosenblatt FallSpring teal
Communal Lunch With Sicha FallSpring #ADD8E6
Dinner & Night Seder FallSpring #CFB53B
Exploring the Zohar – Book of Radiance Rothberg FallSpring #DC143C
Israel Education FallSpring #BDA0CB
Jewish Spirituality Smith FallSpring #DC143C
Judaism, Human Rights & the Status of Non-Jews in Israel Rothberg FallSpring #BDA0CB
Lunch FallSpring #ADD8E6
Maariv FallSpring #000080
Minchah & Announcements FallSpring #000080
Practical Halakha - Beginner Levy FallSpring green
Shacharit FallSpring #000080
Shacharit At the Kotel FallSpring #000080
Shechitah Program Zacharow FallSpring #2E0854
Social Justice in Israeli Society - Power, Money & Social Change Cohen FallSpring #BDA0CB
The Torah of Human Rights - Achvat Amim Rothberg FallSpring #DC143C
Advanced Midrash S. Cohen Spring teal
Contemporary Teshuvot Roth Spring green
Gan Eden & the Human Condition Rothberg Spring teal
Great Jewish Books that Jews Never Read Kulp Spring #CFB53B
Practical Halakha - Advanced - P'ru U'rvu Zacharow Spring green
Rav Kook: Theology, Prayer & Politics Rothberg Spring #DC143C
Romantic Rabbis Kurshan Spring #CFB53B
Talmud I Silverstein Spring #CFB53B
Talmud II Levy Spring #CFB53B
Talmud II & III - Greatest Hits of the Bavli Kurshan Spring #CFB53B
Talmud III S. Cohen Spring #CFB53B
Tefilah Levy Spring orange
The Five Megillot Hollander-Goldfarb Spring teal
The Hebrew Goddess in the Zohar Rothberg Spring #DC143C
The Teachings and Stories of Rabbi Nachman of Bratslav Silverstein Spring #DC143C
What Exactly is Torah? The Concept of Torah in Rabbinic Thought Silverstein Spring #DC143C
Chumash - Boundaries and Identity Shuvi Hoffman Summer 1 teal
Complaint as Prayer: Lament in the Tanakh Bex Stern Rosenblatt Summer 1 teal
Crossroads - Walking Encounter including Mincha Summer 1 #BDA0CB
Issues in Israeli Society - Through Film Ittay Flescher Summer 1 #BDA0CB
Lunch & Learn about the Zohar with Dr. Shaiya Rothberg Summer 1 #ADD8E6
Nusach Skills Saralee Shrell-Fox Summer 1 orange
Staging Biblical Narrative: The David Saga Bex Stern Rosenblatt Summer 1 teal
Talmud: Shabbat, Unplug and Reboot Rabbi Shoshana Cohen Summer 1 #CFB53B
The Nexus between Homeland & Exile Rachel Adelman Summer 1 teal
The Torah Way: Theology, Prayer and Politics Dr. Shaiya Rothberg Summer 1 #DC143C
Hebrew Ulpan Various Teachers Summer 1Summer 2 purple
Hebrew Ulpan Various Teachers Summer 1Summer 2 purple
Lunch & Learn with Ilana Kurshan Summer 1Summer 2 #ADD8E6
Lunch Break Summer 1Summer 2 #ADD8E6
Mincha & Announcements Summer 1Summer 2 #000080
Shacharit At the Kotel Summer 1Summer 2 #000080
Shacharit Summer 1Summer 2 #000080
Shacharit At Moreshet Yisrael Summer 1Summer 2 #000080
Shacharit Summer 1Summer 2 #000080
Animals in Jewish Law and Lore Rabbi Alan Iser Summer 2 green
Contemporary Halakhic Issues Rabbi Mordechai Silverstein Summer 2 green
Crossroads - Walking Encounter including Minchah Summer 2 #BDA0CB
Encountering the Divine Within Yiscah Smith Summer 2 #DC143C
Issues in Israeli Society Rabbi Joel Roth Summer 2 #BDA0CB
Lunch Break Summer 2 #ADD8E6
Lunch Break Summer 2 #ADD8E6
Merciful & Compassionate God? Child Sacrifice in the Tanakh Bex Stern Rosenblatt Summer 2 teal
Stories from the Zohar Rabbi David Greenstein Summer 2 #DC143C
Talmud Rabbi Joel Levy Summer 2 #CFB53B
When God Has Had Enough Vered Hollander-Goldfarb Summer 2 teal
Advanced T’amei HaMikrah Saralee Shrell-Fox Summer 3 orange
Elements of the Halakhic System Rabbi Joel Roth Summer 3 green